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Sunee McKelvey

Sunee is a fully qualified STA Baby and Pre-School instructor. She has a STA Award and Certificate in teaching swimming which allows to her to teach to competitive level. In 2016 Sunee also qualified in International Paediatric Aquatic Techniques with the internationally renowned Peggy Schoedinger (USA).

This has enabled her to increase her focus on the developmental aspect of swimming instruction, assessing the needs of young swimmers and helping them to achieve their physical and kinetic water and land skills. Having grown up with a brother who has special needs, Sunee has a unique understanding and empathy with such individuals and she provides a bespoke service, creating a program that is unique to your child’s requirements.

Sunee says: “Teaching swimming is not only my job, but my passion. I treat all my clients as individuals and care about their development not just as swimmers but also about how they can improve their quality of movement and being in everyday life. It is amazing how much development and progress we see daily in children’s confidence and skills, while they simply enjoy a fun and play orientated program.”

Sandra Zandberg

Sandra started with us in Oct 2017 and you will find her in the pool on Saturdays. Being the mother of 2 young children has given Sandra the patience of a saint.

Sandra says:  “’Teaching someone to swim is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Earning each client’s trust, seeing their confidence grow and their skills improve on a weekly basis results in the ultimate job satisfaction.  I love what I do so much and I even refer to my time in the pool as my ‘me’ time”

Miemie Venter

As one of the directors of the company, Miemie and her late husband, I.P. Venter, was instrumental in making their daughter’s dream a reality. The swim school is located at her house.

Miemie is the minister of Finance, HR and everyone’s favourite agony aunt.

Dean Venter

Most of you living around the area will know Dean or would’ve seen him around. Dean was adopted by the Venter family as a 6-year-old boy and has since been raised by the whole neighbourhood.

Dean is mentally challenged because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his biological father in his early years.

Dean is our security guard, parking attendant and firemaster in the cold winter month’s.

Against Mtangi

Against is our maintenance man and has been part of the swim school since we started. He maintains our beautiful garden, helps with parking and makes sure the water is warm and clean.

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