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(Age 6 weeks – 24 months)

My approach to baby swimming is to gently introduce your baby to the water and we learn through play and fun. In essence, I teach you how to teach your baby to swim, in the same way that you teach them to walk and talk.This is a gentle and holistic approach where every baby is treated as an individual and taught at their own pace.

We do not force any babies to do anything. Instead we use songs and games to encourage them to learn from us.Classes are a wonderful bonding experience for parent and baby. It also aids in making the transition into Learn-to-swim lessons so much easier and less traumatic for you little one.

Our Baby swimming lessons are conducted in group format of up to 8 babies and carers in the group and the lessons are 30min.

   Learn to Swim

(Age 2 – 9 Years / Adult)

I believe that teaching your child the life-skill of swimming, should never be an option. Accidents around water happen so quickly and without warning. Learn-to Swim is not just about swimming, but also learning how to save your own life.

I am an empathetic, caring and friendly teacher that will never force your child to do things they are not ready for – Swimming should ALWAYS be fun! Instead I use my magic power of persuasion (and a lot of praise!) to encourage swimmers to step out of their comfort zone.

My Learn-to-Swim lessons are 30min and conducted in group format of 3 swimmers per teacher. From my years of experience I have learned that children progress quicker when they swim in a group, but if you feel your child would benefit from 1on1 lessons we can discuss this option.

Stroke Development

(Age 4 – 10 Years)

For those swimmers who have passed through Learn-to-Swim and are now ready to start swimming strokes, I also offer stroke development classes. These lessons are aimed to teach your child all 4 FINA recognized swimming strokes.

They will also learn the correct way to start, turn and finish in galas.

Please note that my pool is 10 meters long, so if you would like your child to enter into competitive swimming, joining a club would be advised when they have mastered all the strokes.

Stroke classes are conducted in a group of 4 swimmers per teacher.

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